Looking up into the sky and watching the moon, which has been orbiting the earth for billions of years, staying where it is without falling down to the Earth or fading away into the universe, I think of this state of stillness and stability responding to the laws of physics (law of gravity), which are governed by two factors: mass and distance! Increasing the mass causes an increase in the power of gravity; and the closer the distance, the stronger the gravity power. Moreover, by managing these factors, gravitational powers will maintain balance to prevent the moon from disappearing and preserve its identity and distinguished state.

The most interesting point is that the law of gravity does not only apply to the physical plane, but it also affects human psychology and humans' relation with life!

This new and unique approach in managing the forces affecting human psychology can uncover ways to protect human identity, true self, and the true meaning of happiness.

Life is playing the role of Earth governed by powerful gravitational forces. Human behavior fueled by innate drives of living and modes of survival will lead humans to behave mechanically and crash under the power of life's forces, resulting in misery and pain.

False personality forms when more layers of habits and life identifications are acquired, resulting in increasing the mass of ourselves, which become heavier and heavier, thus accelerating our susceptibility and attachment to the gravitational powers of life.

As human exposure to such life triggers and habits become stronger and the distance to these identifications -- physical as well as emotional and intellectual -- gets shorter, humans migrate into a state of addiction.

To go antigravity is to get rid of these habitual layers (identifications). Antigravity is to lighten ourselves to decrease the mass factor. To do so, one must start by identifying those gravitational forces and triggers as a prelude to designing one's appropriate resistance mechanisms and actions to go antigravity.

Business environment rules are similar to life rules; employee behaviors are affected by many triggers around him, consequently the employee will be covered by many layers of attachment which diminishes self-awareness and his potentiality that affects at the end company productivity. We must identify these gravitational forces by impartial observation and establish new behaviors that are in harmony with different functions of the company.

Antigravity is a key strategy to keep one way from life's gravitational forces and maintain a state of balance to find one's true self, true happiness and highest potentiality.

True happiness comes from a true, balanced self.

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