People potentiality and consciousness can be achieved when they maintain a distance between themselves and life triggers, but it’s so difficult because life attracts people the same as the earth attracts objects by gravitational forces, there's no way to escape!

Mass and distance are key factors that determine the gravity power; when mass increases gravity increases and when distance becomes closer gravity also increases.

When people develop habits they attach themselves to triggers around them within their environment (driven by survival and grow mode) to form a layer of attachment or identification.

When people are exposed too much to life triggers they will accelerate by gravitational forces losing their self-consciousness as well; this is the effect of the distance factor.

To minimize these gravitational forces, it leads us to reach our consciousness and achieve our potential. For us not to melt with life exactly like small object melt with earth, we should consider a gravitational law as methodology of change.

This methodology applied inside companies; as a triggers from business environment can determent developing a certain habits of the employee and as layer of attachment which affect employee potentiality and productivity.

It’s an experience of two weeks model of change (two days class room, ten days assignments, one to one meeting and general closing meeting).

Finally, it’s a tailored and practical action plan can an individual develop it according to his own environment.

  • F is the force between the masses.
  • G is the gravitational constant.
  • M1 is the first mass.
  • M2 is the second mass.
  • d is the distance between the centers of the masses.

Magnificent balance and stillness are established when other opposite forces come into action and keep the smaller object from colliding into the bigger object with high gravitational forces. In other words, if the universe is out of balance, all objects will be destroyed or damaged; therefore, thanks to the opposite force—or the antigravity force—that balances our universe, planets, stars and our behavior will continue to move in harmony.

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