Antigravity methodology will give you novel tools to understand business environment

and manage people business habits to achieve company goal


Antigravity will work on unique approach to overcome unwanted business habits and attain new successful ones

Antigravity will teach you how to manage environmental triggers and gravitational forces in order to influence subordinates maximize their potential

Antigravity will optimize company resources and being efficient by harmonize work flow between different functions and roles

Antigravity will improve 21st century learning skills 4 Cs ( Communication, Critical thinking, collaboration and Creativity)

Antigravity will give you a practice tool to overcome people reactivity and laziness inside company environment


Training Course Experience:

  1.  Two days full course: Slide presentation, stimulation, workshops and cases studies
  2.  One day diagnostic tool to gain insights about company developmental journey 


Practical Tools:

  1. Business habit form
  2.  Guided questions
  3. 5 steps for business change
  4.  Diagnostic tool report
  5.  Individual development plan

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