Training Course Experience 

  1. NEW methodology of managing gravitational forces that affect human behavior:
    • Reach your highest potential
    • Maximize employee potential, productivity, Return of investment and achieve company goals and aspiration
    • Create a culture of performance
    • Overcome bad habits
  2. A scientific method that helps to raise your consciousness
  3. Business psychology is considered as a new era in corporate training programs, helping companies to be more competitive and efficient by understanding human behavior
  4. An applied module to suite every personal experience
  5. An experience of two weeks shifts your mindset and enhances your self-awareness

This training course is designed to help a trainee in putting an action plan to attain a higher consciousness, understanding his real potential and achieve what he is looking for based on psychological elements.

In personal and business life, most of the time we are performing below our potential level due to self-adaptation and developing habits that control our wellness and our behaviors so we cannot live our life full of vitality and innovation.

This training manual will be implemented through two parts:

Part 1: Understanding a psychological theory of change and identifying ways of implementation in personal life to raise individual consciousness.
Which contains two modules:
1) Gravitational effect
2) Antigravity

Part 2: Business implementation by extrapolating psychological ways of change that were mentioned in part one and let the trainee implement this theory in his company through interactive workshop and contains one module called antigravity in business.

Course outcome:

Identify the gravitational forces which are working inside us in different domains: physical body, emotional expressions, thinking patterns, and personality.

Then create a plan to reach our true self and find our life meaning and business potential.

This methodology is Based on a book: Antigravity by Dr. Shadi Obeidat.
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