Dr. Shadi Obeidat, Author and Pharmacist with 20 years’ experience in multinational company-Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, has an extensive work experience in sales management and Business Psychology field. He has a published book (Antigravity: How to Minimize Gravitational Forces Affecting Your Life and Live in Balance Finding a True Self and Happiness ) Managing Director of Business Psychology Center Accredited Senior Mentor (ASM) from (IAPCM).Professional Consultant And Trainer In The Fields Of Communication, Selling Skills, Coaching, Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Habit Intelligence, Mentorship, Personality Styles, Negotiation Skills, Business Planning, Marketing Planning, Business Mentor

Amman, Jordan

Khalda, Amer Bin Malik St.

Tel: +962 6 5517 272
Fax: +962 6 5517 273
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